Estonian Support for Victims of Haiti Earthquake Close to Four Million Kroons

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Nr 15 - E

Today the European Union development ministers agreed on the co-ordinated activity of the European Union to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake over the next few weeks and months. The contribution of the European Commission and member states thus far totals 122 million euros. Estonia's contribution so far is close to 4 million kroons (255 645 EUR).

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that Estonia's contribution to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake totals 3.9 million kroons. "Of this total, 2.5 million is financial aid through the Red Cross, and to send experts to the crisis region to help we are contributing 350 000 kroons to the IT experts and 1 million kroons to the aid mission of the logistics experts," said Paet. "Estonia's final contribution will be known when the missions of our experts come to an end. The role of the logistics experts sent from Estonia is to help co-ordinate arrivals, and their mission may be extended depending on developments in Haiti," Paet emphasised.

Foreign Minister Paet emphasised that in order for the aid that has been contributed and will continue to be contributed to reach those who need it in Haiti, the international community must work in close co-operation. "It is necessary to get rapid aid that is also well co-ordinated to the victims of the earthquake. Since there is a need to co-ordinate the aid activities of European Union countries, an extraordinary meeting of the European Union development ministers took place today in Brussels," he noted. "The co-operation of the Dominican Republic in helping to facilitate international aid is also very important," Paet added.

The Commission also announced that it will contribute 200 million euros to meet long-term development aid needs for re-building Haiti. Another topic separately discussed at the meeting of the development ministers of the European Union was the co-ordinated co-operation of member states and the Commission with other international organisations, including the UN, which has taken on the co-ordinating role in Haiti.


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