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Epidemiological Update - Cholera - 2 December 2014


Cholera in the Americas - Situation summary

In Cuba, no new cases have been confirmed since epidemiological week (EW) 38 of 2014.

In the Dominican Republic, at the end of November of 2014 (EW 48) there were 112 suspected cholera cases identified, including two deaths, in the province of San Juan and 8 suspected cases in the province of Azua. Previously, no cholera cases had been registered in either province during 2014. Samples were taken and laboratory results are pending.

Since the beginning of the epidemic (November 2010) through EW 41 of 2014, there have been 31,703 suspected cholera cases, including 2 deaths, in total. Between EW 1 and EW 44 of 2014, there were 231 suspected cholera cases , including five deaths registered; this number is much lower than what was observed in previous years.

In Haiti , from EW 37 to EW 47 of 2014, the average number of weekly cases registered was 918, signifying a nationwide increase. Four departments account for 90% of the cases registered in 2014, they are: Artibonite, Centre, Ouest and Nord. Ouest is the department with the highest number of cases registered, accounting for 36% of the total. In the last six months, these four departments reported an average hospitalization rate of 70%, which means that seven out of every ten cases required hospitalization.

Since the beginning of the epidemic (October 2010) and until 21 November of 2014 (EW 47) , there have been 717,203 cholera cases, of which 404,371 were hospitalized (56 %) and 8,721 died. The cumulative case-fatality rate continues to be 1.2%, with the Sud-Est department registering the highest rate (4.5%) and Port-au-Prince the lowest rate (0.6%).

In Mexico , since EW 24 to EW 46 of 2014, the number of cholera cases registered in Mexico reached, with3 in the state of Hidalgo and one in the state of Querétaro.