Emergency aid for hurricane disaster in Haiti

The Government of Japan has decided to extend emergency assistance in kind (blankets, electric generators and intermediate and short wave radios) equivalent to about 11,000,000 yen to the interim government of Haiti, which has sustained a large-scale disaster from Hurricane Dennis.

In Haiti, flooding caused by the hurricane from July 6 (Wed) to 7 (Thu) left 26 people dead, about 15,000 afflicted, more than 1,600 houses totally or partially destroyed and considerable damage to farm produce and infrastructure including bridges (announcement by the Ministry of Interior and National Territories of the Government of Haiti on July 13). At present, evacuees in Haiti are forced to lead a difficult life in wide-ranging areas mainly in the southern part of the country. The Government of Haiti, while conducting relief operations of its own, has requested emergency aid from the international community.

The Government of Japan has decided to extend this emergency aid on humanitarian grounds for those afflicted by the disaster and in view of the friendly relations between Japan and Haiti.