Emergency aid for Haiti

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Miguel Ángel Moratinos, is holding a meeting at the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation in Madrid with the Minister for Public Health and Social Policy, Trinidad Jiménez; the Secretary of State for International Cooperation, Soraya Rodríguez; the Latin American Secretary General, Enrique Iglesias, and the Latin American ambassadors in Spain. The purpose of this meeting is to inform them of the emergency measures taken following the earthquake in Haiti and coordinate the aid provided to help tackle the effects of this enormous disaster with the Latin American community.

Additionally, as the current holder of the EU rotating presidency, Spain has implemented the coordination mechanisms that the EU has for these types of disaster, maintaining close coordination with the High Representative of the EU as well as other Member States.

In coordination with the other EU countries and the international community, the Spanish embassy in Port-au-Prince is organising the evacuation of Spanish and European citizens who wish to leave the country.