Earthquake Recovery: Emergency appeal n° MDRHT008 Operations update n° 29

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Summary: A revised Plan of Action was developed to clearly articulate the IFRC Secretariat actions reflecting programme priorities and funding available to the IFRC Recovery Operation as at July 2011. It covers the period July 2011 through December 2012 and replaces the October 2010 Plan of Action. It is structured around two related pillars identified in cooperation with the Haitian Red Cross: the earthquake recovery operation as pillar one, and national society development and strategy implementation as pillar two. The Plan reflects also a minimized role for IFRC in Haitian Red Cross core services (Health and Care and Disaster Risk Management) and a more focused involvement of IFRC in integrated recovery through the integrated neighbourhood approach (INA)- a strategy encouraging integration of key programmes in targeted urban neighbourhoods.

In addition to direct implementation of key services and progress made as highlighted in this report (shelter, water and sanitation, livelihoods support, community health and risk reduction), the IFRC has provided support services to the Red Cross membership to enable them to meet their objectives in neighbourhoods where they are providing an integrated package of services.
This document is the first quarterly progress report based on the revised Plan of Action, and covers the period July to September 2011.