Earthquake in Haiti: WFP External Situation Report, 16/17 January 2010

Situation Report
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Earthquake Caseload: 2 million people

Cost of WFP Earthquake operations in Haiti: US$279 million (Food operations US$246 million, Logistics US$33 million)

Time frame: January to July 2010

WFP Staff in Haiti: 225 + 40 surge staff (between Haiti and Dominican Rep.)

The Current Situation in Haiti

- Due to the 7.0 scale earthquake which hit Haiti at 1700 hours local time, there is extensive damage to much of the city of Port-au-Prince. The WFP warehouse in Port au Prince is now further damaged as a result of recent aftershocks. Strong aftershocks continued on 16 and 17 January.

- There is very limited water, food supplies and fuel in the capital. Electricity and telecommunication have been cut-off. WFP staff now have access to radio communication. There are beginning to be very limited ad hoc sales of fruits and vegetables, but access to staple foods remains extremely difficult.

- One WFP local staff member is confirmed dead. All remaining national and international staff are accounted for.