Earthquake in Haiti: WFP External Situation Report, 15 January 2010

Situation Report
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Earthquake Caseload: 2 million people

Cost of WFP Earthquake operations in Haiti: US$279 million (Food operations US$246 million, Logistics US$33 million)

Time frame: January to July 2010

WFP Staff in Haiti: 225 + 33 surge staff (between Haiti and Dominican Rep.)

The Current Situation in Haiti

- Due to the 7.0 scale earthquake which hit Haiti at 1700 hours local time, there is extensive damage to much of the city of Port-au-Prince. The WFP office is also damaged. The WFP warehouse in Port au Prince is damaged, but the stocks are accessible.

- One WFP local staff member is confirmed dead. Efforts continue to account for all local staff, but the local telecommunications situation is hindering this effort. All 32 WFP international staff are accounted for.

WFP Response

- The new earthquake-specific Emergency Operation was approved jointly today by the Executive Director as well as the Director General of FAO.

- WFP distributions today included High Energy Biscuits, jerricans and water purification tablets (provided by IOM) to a total of 13,000 people in four areas of the city, including the city center. WFP national staff have been able to do assessments in the areas in which they live, providing reliable information on people in need as well as distribution locations.

- Six clusters have been established: logistics, water and sanitation, shelter, health, emergency telecommunications and food aid; cluster coordination meetings began today. WFP is heading the logistics, emergency telecommunications and food aid clusters.

- One plane departed Panama UNHRD with staff support equipment, and ready-to-eat foods. A further flight is expected to leave today

- 60 MT of HEB being sent from San Salvador to Port-au-Prince should arrive later today.

- WFP has deployed 19 additional staff to provide logistics, telecommunications, security and administrative support, in addition to two staff counsellors.

- The WFP Country Office staff now have access to limited Internet services thanks to recent staff deployments.

They also have limited access to the corporate telephone system, through MINUSTAH infrastructure. - WFP as the lead of the Logistics Cluster is coordinating the use of Santo Domingo as the primary entry point for humanitarian relief destined for Haiti, while Port au Prince airport is operating at diminished capacity.