Earthquake in Haiti: Spanish NGO Members of SOLIDAR Coordinate their Emergency Work

18 January 2010 - Three Spanish NGOs which are members of SOLIDAR (Asamblea de Cooperación Por la Paz, Movimiento por la Paz y Solidaridad Internacional) are working together to deliver emergency aid to the Haitian population after the earthquake that hit the country last Tuesday. All of them have opened bank accounts to collect funds to deal with this disaster.

After the earthquake which measured 7.3 degrees on the Ritcher scale, it is estimated that some 50,000 people have lost their lives and three million people, more than a third of the country population, have been severely affected. Haiti's situation was already dire: it is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere and most of the population lack access to basic social services.

Asamblea de Cooperación Por la Paz (ACPP) and Solidaridad Internacional are working in Jacmel, the second most important city in South-Eastern Haiti, located just 20 kms from the epicentre of the quake. Jacmel was devastated by the earthquake and is isolated. ACPP, Solidaridad Internacional and the Haitian NGO CROSE (Coordination Régionale des Organisations du Sud-Est) fear that it goes unnoticed because of the destruction in Port-au-Prince. Jacmel's inhabitants slept out in the open the first nights because the severely damaged buildings could collapse with frequent aftershocks. At least 2,000 houses have been totally destroyed; the main hospital has suffered massive damage and several schools have collapsed. The provisional estimation of the deaths provoked by the earthquake is 332 people, but it is feared that many more may have lost their lives. 6,000 people have lost their homes. ACPP and Solidaridad Internacional are working closely to evaluate the damages and assess the emergency actions required.

Movimiento por la Paz staff in the Dominican Republic are identifying needs in order to carry out emergency interventions. In coordination with other organisations and international institutions, the NGO is designing a strategic emergency plan to distribute basic goods to the population in the capital, Port-au-Prince, and other cities near the capital, especially those in areas where aid has not arrived yet.

To collect funds, these three NGOs have opened bank accounts:

Asamblea de Cooperación Por la Paz

La Caixa: 2100 5731 79 0200012540.

Bancaja: 2077 0985 11 3100484380

Caixa Sabadell: 2059 1302 05 0000015848

Banco Santander: 0049 2693 55 2114122112

More information: http://www.acpp.com/

Movimiento por la Paz

La Caixa: 2100 0997 65 0200270315

Banco Santander: 0049 0001 50 2610019984

Caja Madrid: 2038 1005 10 6000813962

Banco Popular Español: 0075 0446 48 0600195812

More information: http://www.mpdl.org/

Solidaridad Internacional

Banco Santander: 0049 0001 54 2210042242

Caja Madrid: 2038 1001 37 6000888882

More information: http://www.solidaridad.org/