Earthquake in Haiti - Latet Organization deploys for immediate relief to victims

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On January 12, a 7.0-magnitude quake - the strongest earthquake in more than 200 years - rocked the Republic of Haiti in the Caribbean. The central hospital in the capital of Port-au-Prince was heavily damaged as were the President Palace, the U.N. peacekeeper headquarters and other buildings. U.S. officials reported bodies in the streets and an aid official described total disaster and chaos. The electricity and communications systems were widely disrupted by the quake, making it impossible to get a full picture of damage. Since Haiti's poverty rate is over 70% it is assumed that the extent of the destruction, number of casualties, wounded and homeless victims will be extensive.

Latet Organization's relief mission

In light of the Organization's extensive experience in emergency relief operations around the work in manmade and natural disaster zones - a situation room was set up in the Organization's headquarters upon reports of the extent of the damage. Contact was established with international aid organizations on the ground that had cooperated with Latet in the past in order to get first-hand estimation of the need. Furthermore, Latet's work is coordinated with the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Israeli Embassy in Haiti. A relief mission from Latet Organization in cooperation with IsraAID was deployed with 36 hours of the disaster and landed in Haiti 36 hours later. The mission will conduct a thorough assessment of the exact needs and offer medical assistance. The mission is composed of Dana Manor (Manager of Latet's Emergency Relief Dept.), Ziv Koren (photographer), 3 physicians, 3 nurses, 3 paramedics, another photographer and Dr. Ephraim Laor of the FIRST rescue unit from IsraAID. The mission totals 15 people.

The Need:

The immediate critical need is for relief equipment, medications and medical equipment, which will provide the thousands of homeless victims who have lost their loved ones and worldly possessions with basic living conditions.

Necessary aid:

Medications (antibiotics), first aid kits and emergency medical equipment, water purification tablets, clean water, baby formula and monetary donations to purchase other necessary equipment including: food, tents, mosquito nets, lanterns, nylon sheets, hygienic products, cloths, sheets and blankets, cooking supplies.

Latet Organization's values and capabilities:

Over the past 13 years, Latet Organization has provided relief to 22 disaster-stricken populations worldwide. We act on behalf of the Israeli civil society with the goals of extending a helping hand indiscriminatingly and universally. The disaster in Haiti is probably the most devastating disaster in modern times. In our everyday work we operate to promote solidarity to poverty and distress in the Israeli society. At this critical hour, we feel responsible for the children and families buried under the rubble and the countless of homeless refugees.

Donations are accepted via a dedicated bank account number: 12-609-200803

To donate and volunteer, you may also call 1-700-50-40-33 or email us at latet@latet.org.il