Earthquake in Haiti - Emergency appeal

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At 4.53pm local time yesterday Haiti was hit by a massive earthquake. The worst affected areas are the capital, Port-au-Prince, and the surrounding slums of Cite Soleil.

Hundreds are feared dead already. Many hundreds more will die unless we respond immediately. Please donate as much as you can now so that WER can immediately ship medicines, food, blankets and other emergency supplies.

WER Chief Executive, Alex Haxton, recently visited Cite Soleil. Even at the best of times, living conditions there are appalling. Sewage runs freely in the streets, many people have no access to safe water. The poorest have so little money they must resort to eating mud cookies.

This earthquake will bring terrible hardship to a country that is utterly unequipped to cope with it. There is simply no infrastructure to respond other than that provided by NGOs. Already today I have spoken to suppliers and our local contacts and we are preparing to ship essential aid.

Please give immediately so that we can air freight essential supplies in now.

=A320 will provide rehydration treatment and safe water for all 150 students at WER supported Good Samaritan school. This will prevent them from dying because of sanitation problems during the crisis.

=A350 will provide basic painkillers to over 100 people. With many thousands injured these kinds of medicines will often be the only anaesthetics available.

=A3100 will allow us to provide antibiotics to prevent infections.

=A3150 will allow us to ship a full box of medicines that will allow for the emergency treatment of around 500 patients.

Even just =A35 is enough to provide food for a child for a whole week.

Any amount will save lives.

You can donate on our website at http://www.wer-uk.org/donate or by calling 0844 2492129.