Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Haiti Round 20 - September 2014 [EN/FR]



  • 123 sites remain open, corresponding to 22,741 households or 85,432 individuals.
  • A decrease of 18,133 IDP individuals, or 5,393 IDP households was recorded; this corresponds to a 17.5% decrease in the number of displaced individuals and 19.2% decrease in the number of displaced households from the previous round of the DTM report (round 19).
  • Since July 2010, the IDP household caseload has decreased by 93.7% while the number of IDP sites has decreased by 92.1%.
  • Between July and September 2014, 49 IDP sites were closed.
  • In the period under observation, rental subsidies accounted for the closure of 48 sites and the relocation of 4,907 households.
  • During this reporting period, field assessments revealed that IDPs in one camp vacated the camp without assistance. This resulted in the closure of this camp being classified as a spontaneous closure.
  • No camps were closed by evictions during this period.