COVID-19: Impacts, Attitudes, and Safety Nets in Haiti - Savings Group experiences in Haiti in June 2020 - April 2021 [EN/FR]

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Context: in April 2021, CARE conducted interviews with savings group members and leaders to understand their experiences of COVID-19, and how it was changing their lives. The survey included 364 women and 175 men, for a total of 539 respondents. This follows a survey done in June 2020 to understand what was happening at that time for members of savings groups. The surveys covered Artibonite and Grand Anse.

Clear priorities on basic needs

COVID-19 continues to have important impacts for women and men in savings groups. In general, men and women in these groups were reporting similar challenges across the sample. 86% of women and men are reporting impacts in their livelihoods, and 98% of people say that COVID-19 is affecting their ability to save. 64% say they can’t meet family needs and hunger has gone up. 90% of people are reporting that COVID-19 is impacting their social lives. More women than men report that Gender Based Violence has gone up. While women are more likely to have lost influence in the household than men (39% compared to 33%), men are more likely to report that they lost social status in the community (48% compared to 43%).

When asked to prioritize what they need most right now, both men and women prioritize health care (50%), livelihood support (48% for women and 41% for men), and safe shelter (33% for women and 27% for men).