Comprehensive collection of links on Haiti provides timely, accurate information to strengthen aid, response and recovery

On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. Its shocking aftermath, the scale of which is only now coming to light, once again demonstrates the need for timely, accurate information to strengthen aid, response and recovery after a disaster.

The ICT4Peace Foundation has created a page on its ICT4Peace Inventory wiki that links to a number of information sources in this regard.

This curated list, that will continue to be updated regularly, now features a comprehensive collection of links to vital satellite imagery sources from Google and elsewhere, on the ground local information sources in French, a collection of videos showing the devastation and links to a number of other vital news & information aggregation portals.

Please see http://inventory.ict4peace.org/Haiti+Earthquake+-+January+2010

In November 2009, the ICT4Peace Foundation was invited to participate in a field mission to Haiti by Dr. Soon-Hong Choi, UN CITO/ASG. The mission was organized by Mr. Rudy Sanchez, Director, Information and Communications Technology Division, DPKO. In Port au Prince, Gonaives and Les Cayes, we met with a number of dedicated local and international UN staff associated with MINUSTAH, including UN Peacekeepers.

Our hearts and minds are with them and their families at this difficult time.