Climate Prediction Center’s Hispaniola Hazards Outlook For USAID / FEWS-NET March 21 – March 27, 2013

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Not much relief to dryness in northern Hispaniola expected.

During the last seven days, moderate amounts of precipitation were received across western Hispaniola, with little no rainfall accumulations observed throughout the eastern and northern parts of the island. The highest rainfall totals (>30mm) were again observed over the Gulf of Gonaives, bringing some continued moisture across the southern peninsula of Haiti. With the third consecutive week of enhanced rains observed over the Gulf of Gonaives, precipitation surpluses prevail over many local areas in western, coastal Haiti. However, many parts of central and northern Haiti and the Dominican Republic continue to observe less than a quarter of their normal rainfall since the middle of February, with some less than a half since the beginning of the year.

Precipitation forecasts suggest a slight increase in rainfall during the next seven days, with the probability for locally moderate rainfall across central Hispaniola. As a result, some relief to the dryness is expected over northern Hispaniola during the middle of March.