AMDA Emergency Relief #2: Earthquake in Haiti (19 August 2021)


On 18 August, a team of relief personnel from AMDA Haiti left for Jeremie to carry out emergency relief in helping the victims of the earlier quake that devastated southwestern Haiti. Although the initial departure had been scheduled on the 17th, heavy downpours due to the tropical storm Grace forced the team to put off the plan until the next day.

On the way to Jeremie, the team dropped by a district named Plaisance du Sud to provide medical assistance. According to the ground team, the extent of the damage covered much of the southern part of Haiti, not to mention Plaisance du Sud being one of them.

On the 19th, the team will be visiting Jeremie along with two municipalities for further relief activities.

As of the 18th, UN OCHA reported that the death toll has reached 1,941 while 9,900 people have been injured. 24 medical facilities and over 137,000 buildings have been either completely destroyed or damaged. AMDA Haiti said the situation remains dire in which the victims are in urgent need of relief supplies such as shelters, foodstuffs and water.