AMDA Emergency Bulletin: Haiti Emergency Relief (Jan. 18th. 2010)

News and Press Release
Originally published
As the entry to Haiti has been halted, AMDA's relief team has arrived in Santo Domingo, the capital of the neighboring Dominican Republic. AMDA is going to use Santo Domingo as a satellite base and will send a team of medical personnel to St. Marc in Haiti, the north of Port-au-Prince. St. Marc is not affected by the earthquake and as of now, the evacuees from Port-au-Prince are moving to evacuation camps and shelters in St. Marc. The team will leave Santo Domingo on Monday, Jan. 18th and is planning to conduct medical relief activities in St. Marc.

On this mission, AMDA is in close collaboration with a Canadian based NGO, "CECI"(Center for International Studies and Cooperation) which has a well-established framework with the help of local government in the shelters and camps. The delivery and transportation of releif goods and donations will be handled by "BONO"(Centro Francisco Bono), a local NGO in Santo Domingo.On the other hand team is also looking into collaborating with "PINP" (People In Need Partnership), an Alaska-based NGO with its main activities in Port-au-Prince, to conduct some relief goods distribution and other activities.

While the team is on the way, AMDA staff in Santo Domingo will handle various arrangements. AMDA's Japanese Headquarters is currently coordinating its global chapters for the further dispatch of medical personnel.