ACAPS Briefing Note 5 : Haiti Hurricane Matthew – 14 October 2016

from Assessment Capacities Project
Published on 14 Oct 2016 View Original

Key updates since 12 October

Humanitarian access

  • Trust between people in need and aid workers has been hampered by several security incidents. Blockades and attacks on aid workers are reported in Jérémie, Les Cayes, Carrefour Charles, Chambellon, and Torbeck as people try to access aid.
    Road access has improved throughout Grand’Anse and Sud.

  • Peacekeepers are assisting in aid delivery.


  • 510 cases of cholera now reported throughout Haiti

  • 60,000 are in need of emergency health services.

  • Departmental-level updates on health infrastructure damage have been provided.


  • Shelter damage have estimates vary greatly; the government has stated 500 houses destroyed in total, while aerial surveys have indicated over 1,000 houses destroyed in particular communes. Preliminary assessments suggest over 200,000 houses have been destroyed or damaged. See details later in the report.

  • The 61,527 displaced in fact only represented those in shelters in Sud department.


  • Almost all crops have been destroyed in Grand’Anse and 81% to 100% of the population require assistance.

  • In Sud, over 90% of crops have been destroyed and 61% to 80% of the population needs assistance.


  • The reported damage and numbers of affected children refer only to public schools, which comprise 20% of schools in Haiti, meaning figures are likely much higher.

Response capacity

  • The interagency warehouse in Les Cayes was fully operational of 12 October.

Politics and security

  • The UN Security Council extended MINUSTAH’s mandate for an additional six months, until 17 April 2017