2021 Haiti Earthquake Situation Report #9 - November 23, 2021

Situation Report
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• On August 14, a devastating earthquake struck Haiti, leaving more than 650,000 people in need of emergency humanitarian assistance.

• As of November 21, International Medical Corps had provided more than 5,600 medical consultations.

• Our staff members have reached nearly 5,000 community members with hygiene promotion and 2,000 community members with GBV and MHPSS activities.

On August 14, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti’s Tiburon Peninsula, causing 2,248 deaths and injuring more than 12,760 people. Three months after the earthquake, the remaining Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs) of the organizations that responded to the earthquake in August are nearing the end of operations. As the acuity of health needs presenting at the EMTs has decreased, the need for primary healthcare remain high. In an effort to shift care back to the local health system, organizations still providing earthquake-response activities are focusing on building capacity at the local level. Though the immediate needs created by the earthquake have subsided, the various challenges related to security risks and fuel scarcity continue to create an operational context that is an emergency in and of itself. In addition, banks have been forced to close as a result of the conditions, further thwarting existing means of acquiring transportation, food and livelihoods.