2 Years since the Earthquake in Haiti

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Today marks the second anniversary of the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti at 16.53, local time on the 12th January 2010. Because the epicentre of the earthquake was over the capital city, Port-au-Prince, the effects of the earthquake were terrible as many as 300,000 people may have been killed. Almost 3 million people were injured or made homeless.

Please join the people of Haiti, our supporters and staff in taking a few moments of your day to remember the loss and hardship suffered 2 years ago.

Even at this dark time, though, there was hope. Millions of people across the world gave to the aid efforts launched by NGOs and governments to help the victims of the earthquake. The supporters of emerge poverty free/World Emergency Relief gave generously and we were immediately able to provide much needed support with a feeding centre, medical attention and, in the longer term, reconstruction work and our vital I Love School programme.

Our work is focused on Cité Soleil, one of the world’s most dangerous slums. Describing the everyday life of a child growing up in Cité Soleil, even before the earthquake, is challenging. Few of us who are lucky enough to live here in the UK can grasp just how terrible a place it is.

There is grinding poverty and hunger. Over 60% of dwellings have no access even to a latrine so sewage flows down the streets, even through homes when it rains. Violent gangs are in constant conflict for control of the streets. The inhabitants are often caught in the crossfire or are preyed upon, easy targets for theft, rape, and mindless violence.

I can think of no worse an environment to be a child. And yet most parents here, like parents everywhere, want the best for their children, they want them to aspire to something better and to have some chance of succeeding.

Through I Love School we are providing that chance to 800 children through supporting community schools, right in the heart of the slums, which are providing high quality education a daily meal and hope to the children lucky enough to take part.

This year why not help us to expand this programme by either signing up as a sponsor or by making use of our resource pack to tell others about the programme.

Click here to learn about how one supporter recently held an event to promote I Love School.

If you think that the children of Cité Soleil deserve the opportunity of a better life, then the best way to show your support is to sign up to the I Love School campaign either by becoming a sponsor today or becoming a volunteer and telling others about this vital programme.

As you remember the victims of the quake today please also take a look at the I Love School website by clicking here to see how you can help

Thank you for your support.

Alex Haxton Chief Executive