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Using DEC funds our member agencies have provided assistance to over 1.8million earthquake survivors in Haiti.

Over the past year they have sought to progressively shift the provision of basic services onto a more sustainable footing. This means supporting those who are moving back from camps to their pre-quake neighbourhoods. It means working with communities and government to hand over the provision of services such as water supply, solid waste management and the creation or maintenance of safe toilets. It also means that an increasing proportion of the remaining funds are being spent on helping earthquake survivors earn an income to become more self-sufficient. The image on the right shows the breakdown of DEC Haiti expenditure from August 2010 – July 2011 (NFI is Non Food Items).

Some examples of how DEC-funded work by our member agencies has helped survivors begin to rebuild their lives:

Action Aid has commissioned a local company to build improved shelters for 300 families in Carrefour, Port au Prince following a careful tender process.

Age UK set up over 100 Older People’s Groups to help protect the interests of older people which are often overlooked after an emergency and over 1,000 families that include older people were helped with improved shelter.

The British Red Cross gave cash grants to 4,000 families evicted from Automecca camp in Port au Prince, with more than 1,000 families getting further grants and training to establish small businesses.

CAFOD are building 100 permanent earthquake and hurricane resistant homes in Gressier, with appropriate training being provided for local trades people employed in the project.

CARE provided improved shelter for over 1,100 families in a project that involved training 200 carpenters in earthquake and hurricane resistant building techniques in Carrefour, Port au Prince and in Leogane.

Christian Aid provided 130 permanent homes for families in the South East and Central Plateau areas of Haiti in projects that involved training for Haitian construction professionals in earthquake resistant building techniques.

Concern provided improved shelters for over 300 families with special account taken of the needs of disabled people and training provided for local people in carpentry, masonry and plumbing.

Islamic Relief built 500 improved shelters in Carrefour and in other locations in and around Port au Prince.

Merlin worked in various locations in Port au Prince and in Petit Goave, providing treatment for cholera for 3,000 patients.

Oxfam gave help to expand to 100 small businesses which included bakers and tailors in Carrefour Feuilles, Port au Prince.

Save the Children have provide over 1,200 families with cash grants and provided training and support to 22 small construction businesses in Delmas and Carrefore, Port au Prince.

Tearfund have constructed 23 temporary schools and 78 improved shelters for families.

World Vision gave training in basic business skills and small grants to 600 people in Corail camp outside Port au Prince) and further follow-up training and grants to 320 of the residents designed to help them expand these businesses.