Region Nine communities to get GWI assistance – as El Niño conditions continue

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Written by Gina Webmasters

Georgetown, GINA, February 24, 2016

The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) recently wrapped up a six- day visit to Region Nine to analyse the effects of El Niño weather condition with a view to determining the necessary interventions.

According to GWI’s Hinterland Engineer, Cleon French, the team visited 18 communities in the North Rupununi, Deep South and South Central Rupununi.

The team met with toshaos and residents of the various communities and visited water wells and sources to get a firsthand look at the situation.

“Some of the areas, they have low levels of water, and we made a commitment to have our regional engineer and technician Mark Jeffrey, along with the other crew members assist in the course of the next week to lower some of the wells that have to be lowered and also to give various forms of assistance where possible,” French reported.

The team has advised that residents still have access to water in some areas, but in the areas where water is not accessible, GWI is working to resolve this issue.

“We are asking persons to conserve water as much as you can, you cannot use water indiscriminately. The dry weather is causing an adverse effect on our aquifers; we observed that the static level has dropped so we are asking persons not only in affected areas, but particularly in central Lethem to conserve on the use of water,” the engineer stated.

GWI continues to work with the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) and all other relevant stakeholders to bring relief to the affected hinterland regions