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Guyana Fact sheet, November - December 2021


Guyana hosts an estimated 24,500 Venezuelan refugees and migrants as of December 2021 as well as a small number of refugees of other nationalities.

Between November and December, UNHCR observed the arrival of an average of 50 individuals per month at the monitored border entry points in Regions 1 and 2, including Venezuelan Waraos.

Venezuelans are issued with a Government stay permit upon arrival, which is valid for three months and requires periodic renewal.


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to burden the healthcare system and seriously hinder access to livelihoods and employment for refugees, asylumseekers, and local communities. Between Novermber and December, UNHCR delivered aid, including food kits and sanitary items, and provided interpretation support to facilitate access to Government services.

Gender-Based Violence (GBV) remains a major concern, particularly for Venezuelan refugees and migrants – mainly women – who have been victims of trafficking and/or engage in survival sex.

UNHCR continues to support the Government of Guyana in the delivery of assistance and protection to vulnerable refugees and asylum-seekers (including women, children and survivors of GBV) and to local communities, while working in coordination with partners under the R4V Inter Agency Response Platform.