CDC Situation Report # 7 as of 22:30 hours, Monday May 22, 2017

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SUBJECT: Flooding in Regions 7 & 8

EVENT: Flooding in villages in Regions 7 (Cuyuni/Mazaruni) and 8 (Potaro/Siparuni) as a result of heavy rainfall.


The Guyana Hydrometerological Service has forecasted that cloudy to overcast conditions with light to moderate showers and frequent rains are expected throughout the country tonight. Both flood affected Regions, Regions 7 and 8 may also experience thundershowers.


Region 7

A joint field visit was conducted in several of the flood affected communities within Region 7. This field visit facilitated investigations of the level and extent of flooding, in addition to the impacts to the communities.

Flood water has receded off the land in most of the affected communities; however the water level in the rivers remains high.


Water has receded from on the land in Kako in most places. It was reported that a total of eight (8) houses were flooded on Friday May 19, 2017; assessments today showed that the water had receded from all of these houses with the exception of two (2) homes which still had some water lodged inside.

A total of seventeen (17) persons were displaced from their homes as a result of this flood, with eleven (11) of these being children. All of these, however, have been able to return to their homes as the water has receded.

All farms in the community were affected when the water level was high, with flood water between 6 – 15 feet in the farms. Although the water has receded, soils remain very moist causing negative impacts to the cassava and other crops.

It was expressed that the community of Kako has not experienced such extreme flooding since in the 1960’s.
The community has seen an increase in the presence of mosquitoes, and is anticipating an increase in vector-related illnesses. Access to potable water is limited at this time.


The field visit revealed that the farms in Quebenang were flooded; however the water did not reach to high enough levels to affect the homes and buildings within the Quebenang community. All farms in the community, totaling eighty (80) were affected; although the water has receded, crops continue to be impacted as soil moisture levels remain high.


Water has receded off the land in this community. The field visit revealed that eight (8) households were displaced due to the extreme flooding incident. There is a concern that there may be an increase in water-borne illnesses in the community, especially among the children, as they have to traverse through flooded areas, and most of them are usually barefooted.

The representatives of the Village Council will investigate the number of households and farms which were affected. Waramadong, Kamarang (Warawatta), Imbaimadai, Philippai, Amokokopi and Paruima.

No new information has been received on the height and impact of the flood in these communities.

Region 8

The water levels in all flood affected communities in Region 8 have receded off the land.
A period of heavy rainfall on the evening of May 22, 2017 has caused a slight increase in the water level in the Ireng River.


A team, led by the Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Hon.
Valerie Garrido-Lowe, continues to further assess the level of impacts in the community.
Six (6) residents from the community are displaying symptoms of illness.
Kanapang, Itabac, Waipa, Sand Hill Settlement, Kopinang and Chiung Mouth No new information has been received on the impact of the flood in these communities.