WFP Guinea Country Brief, November 2021


In Numbers

1,385 mt of food assistance distributed USD 7,336 cash-based transfers made
USD 8.7m six months (December 2021- May 2022) net funding requirements
157,050 people assisted in November 2021

Operational Updates

  • In Guinea, November marked the end of the resilience phase of the RESIGUI project, providing beneficiaries with productive food assistance-for-assets (FFA) activities and trainings. WFP provided training on good agricultural practices, good governance, management, simplified maintenance and storage, processing, and marketing to a total of 10,000 people. Furthermore, 807 hectares of land were developed for market gardening and rice production; 45 market gardening wells were dug; 20 storage warehouses were built; 112 km of rural roads were rehabilitated; and 5 drying areas were built by the end of the resilience phase. WFP also provided USD 7,336 in the form of cash-based transfers to 37 households (including 12 households headed by women) as part of WFP’s crisis response, recovery and resilience building activities.

  • WFP provided nutrition assistance to 1,779 children aged 6-59 months, as well as 1,324 pregnant and lactating women and girls (PLWG) for the treatment of moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) across the country. In addition, the monitoring of food and nutrition assistance continued in the regions of Conakry, Labé, Boké, Faranah, Kissidougou, Nzerekore and Faranah.The new school year started on 21 October 2021.

  • WFP food stock deliveries to 862 schools are being finalized, with 692 metric tons (97 percent of total) already delivered for the first quarter of the school year 2021-2022. However, due to lack of funding, WFP decreased by nearly 30 percent the number of assisted schools from 1,216 to 862 compared to the last school year. • Through the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS), WFP provided reliable air transport services to a total of 200 passengers and transported 2.9 metric tons of light cargo between N’zerekore and Kankan for the Government and the wider humanitarian community.

  • As part of the implementation of the United Nations 2021 joint plan for the fight against HIV in Guinea, WFP distributed cash to 50 people living with HIV to prevent mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT). The aim of the assistance is to improve the performance of antiretroviral (ARV) treatments through supporting patient transport, covering the cost of certain medical tests, as well as providing food assistance. Moreover, specialized nutritious foods (Super Cereal and fortified oil with vitamin A) were provided to 251 people living with HIV in Conakry, Boké, Faranah and Gueckedou.

  • The Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO) approved the cross-border peacebuilding project between Guinea and Sierra Leone. The project will be implemented by WFP and IOM in partnership with the Talking Drum Studio (TDS) - the radio production house established by the international NGO Search for Common Ground.