UNICEF Guinea Post-Ebola Situation Report, 29 February 2016



• As of 29 February 2016, Guinea reached Day 58 out of the 90 days of active surveillance, and has been free of Ebola since 29 December 2015.

• During 28-31 January UNICEF and the Ministry of Health implemented a fourth round of vaccination campaign against the Polio virus, reaching 2,722,589 children (104%).

• In February, cash transfers were made to 97 parents/caretakers hosting 309 children, among which 134 were girls, in the prefectures of Beyla, Lola and Yomou. The total number of orphaned children provided with different rounds of cash transfers rose to 6,140 out of 6,220 registered children.

• As Education Cluster co-lead with the Ministry of Education (MoE), UNICEF provided technical and financial support to the ministry to ensure capacity building of 40 cluster focal points in education in emergencies, cluster coordination, disaster risk reduction and information management. The total number of trained focal points rose to 71 education clerks in Guinea.