UNICEF Guinea: Humanitarian Situation Report, 5 September

Situation Report
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  • As of 3 September 2014, Guinea has recorded a total of 823 cases and 522 deaths. Ebola confirmed cases and deaths have risen to 621 and 368, respectively.

  • 147 children (0-18 years) were among the cases (111 confirmed, 27 probable, 9 suspected); 92 have died.

  • A rumor management system has been put in place.

  • A large display of billboards in Conakry on Ebola messages campaign launched by UNICEF in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States in Guinea and Ministry of Health. A second phase of this is planned for Conakry and the rest of the country soon and this is in collaboration with CDC Atlanta;

  • This Friday, UNICEF has launched with the Ministry of Youth a national campaign with more than 2000 voluntary young people to raise awareness on Ebola among families and communities

  • 20,975 households 146,799 people and 63.377 children were reached and sensitized through interpersonal communication (door to door, public events) in Conakry, Siguiri, Kouroussa Macenta Yomou and in Nzérékoré along with the distribution of 81,224 pieces of soap, 24,285 bottles of chlorine, tens of thousands flyers;

  • 311 traditional healers from associations of traditional healers Kissidougou, Guékédou, and Macenta have been trained on Ebola.

  • Seniors Executives working in the capital, from the resistant communities in Macenta will return to convince their communities of the realities of EVD.

  • 70 new religious leaders (including 3 women) were trained to make sermons and homilies in 70 places of worship in Conakry and Nzérékoré, sermons and homilies on Ebola.

  • Some communities are gradually leaving the stage of simple reluctance to become very aggressive and violent towards health workers volunteers and organizations.

  • 25 journalists from 25 media outlets were trained. UNICEF provided to these journalists soap and chlorine.

Situation In Numbers


823 cases in Guinea (621 cases of confirmed Ebola)

522 deaths (368 have been confirmed Ebola)

147 children with Ebola*

92 children have died*

  • 0-18 years

UNICEF funding needs until December 2014 US$ 9,249,257

UNICEF funding gap US$ 7,118,333