UNICEF Guinea: Humanitarian Situation Report, 18 April 2014

Situation Report
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• From January to 18 April 2014, Guinea has recorded a total of 203 suspected cases of Ebola virus disease with 129 deaths (including 36 community deaths) -- a case fatality rate of 63.5%.

• To date, 234 samples were analyzed and 109 were found positive to Ebola virus. The epidemic affects mainly prefectures of Guéckédou, Macenta, Kissidougou, Dinguiraye, Dabola and Conakry.

• 50 cases in Conakry, 20 dead.

• 18 children are among the suspected cases. 13 children have died.

• UNICEF requires US$ 1,115,049 to fill the funding gap.

• UNICEF has received a total of US$ 823,602 (US$ 523,602 from Japan Government, US$ 200,000 form OFDA/USAID and US$ 100,000 from Japan Natcom)

• UNICEF and partners have sensitized 218,016 people in affected areas including Conakry • The Government has taken measures to reinforce the surveillance of the contact persons (payment of salaries of volunteers involved in the surveillance, motorbikes and other logistics were provided.)

• UNICEF has distributed 600,000 bars of soaps, 200,000 bottles of chlorine, 150,000 pairs of gloves, 370 sprayers and 1,650 kg of calcium hypochlorite since the beginning of the epidemic.

• A total of 21 children have lost one or two of their parents to the Ebola virus disease.