UNICEF Guinea Ebola Situation Report No. 8: 2 to 19 June 2021


Situation Overview

• As of 19 th June 2021, 16 cases of Ebola were confirmed in Guinea, including 5 confirmed deaths and 11 recoveries.

• 10,873 people have been inoculated (including 2,879 frontline staff) since the official launch of the vaccination on February 23, 2021.

• 240 school examination centers have been visited to secure IPC in Ebola-affected areas where the end-of-year examinations will take place during the active surveillance period.

• On 19th of June, The Minister of Health officially declared the end of the EVD epidemic in Nzerekore.

• Under the leadership of the National Health Security Agency (ANSS), UNICEF has contributed to the development of the post Ebola “90 days plan” to strengthen health system and surveillance after declaration of end of Ebola outbreak.

• The funding gap for the response is currently at 81%.