UNICEF External Situation Report Republic of Guinea, 07-18 May 2007


Calm seems to have returned after the arms depots in Conakry and the western city of Kindia had been pillaged during the pay protests at the beginning of this month, killing at least 10 civilians and injuring around 70. Soldiers were appealed to stop shooting, return to their barracks and hand over any stolen weapons. "Any soldier caught with stolen goods will be cancelled from the Army," announced the new defense Minister General Bailo Diallo on Thursday May 18th. His nomination on Saturday 12 May by the Guinean President Lansana Conté was one of the soldiers' causes to stop the firing. General Bailo Diallo promised to examine the problem of the salary dispute and find appropriate solutions for the best interest of the soldiers.

Tuesday riots between school boys and school authorities broke out in Donka public high school where some individuals have been illegally occupying the play ground for months, by constructing rudimentary houses, using pupils' sanitary facilities and preventing children from using them. Many children have been injured. School authorities decided to urgently destroy the rudimentary houses and to give access to the sanitary facilities back to the children of Donka high school.

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General spent 24 hours in Guinea this week in order to encourage social and political progress in the country.



Training of approximately 100 social workers in Dabola and N'Zérékoré on psychosocial support to victims of violence and sexual abuse (UNICEF in partnership with Christian Child Fund).

Sensitization and advocacy towards local authorities, political, and communal leaders, on the impact of conflicts and rebellion on women and children in Forest Guinea. (UNICEF in partnership with the NGOs TWIN (Today's Women International Network), FIND (International Foundation for Dignity) and TOSTAN.

Medical assistance provided to four women who had been deported to Sierra Leone and back to N' Zérékoré, as well as to 52 children of deportees suffering from STD (sexually transmitted diseases) whom had been referred to the sanitary structures of Macenta by the NGO TWIN ( a UNICEF partner).

Regular evaluation and monitoring of the protection activities in the field with different UNICEF partners: TWIN for the protection of women and children victims of sexual abuse, FIND for the protection from exploitation.


Last week, 36 agents from 14 health structures in Conakry have been trained in recovering moderate malnutrition cases and 12 agents have been trained for severe malnutrition (UNICEF with the Ministry of Health, WFP and the NGO Terre des Hommes)

A supply plan for three health structures (Gbessia Port, Flamboyant and Berney Fotoba) has been designed. Next week, 11 others will be provided with 30 boxes of BF5 by UNICEF and WFP

12 hospitalization emergency kits, 10 medical kits and 40 basic kits will be disbursed.

Bottles of Lidocaine 2% and surgery stitches were provided to the hospitals of Donka and Ignace Deen (the two main hospitals of Conakry) on the 14th May 2007.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Water supply through bladders is ongoing in 10 poor areas of Conakry.


Emergency material has been pre-positioned in Faranah:

  • 1000 emergency school kits
  • 136 educational kits
  • 5 tents
  • 138 recreational kits

25 tents have arrived in the harbor of Conakry.