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Multiple Countries | Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Outbreak: Preparedness and Response - Operations Update n° 2 (Appeal №: n° MDREBOLA21)

Situation Report
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Situation overview

The first confirmed case of EVD was reported in Guinea on 14 February 2021, with initial probable cases dating back to at least January 2021. However, genomic sequencing conducted by WHO1 indicate that the resurgence in Guinea is linked to bodily fluids of survivors. Preliminary findings indicate first that the virus in the current epidemic is the same responsible for the 2014-16 epidemic; and second, that it was transmitted from one human to another (and not from an animal source). As of 13 April 2021, the epidemiological situation is as follows:

  • Two new confirmed cases reported in Kpagalaye village, Soulouta sub-prefecture.

    • A 22-year-old male (M22) was confirmed on April 1, his whereabouts remain unknown.

    • A 40-year-old female (aunt of F40) was confirmed on April 3 and was admitted at N’zerekeore CTEpi

  • 2 new probable cases (deaths on 24, 25 March) from the same family as M22 and F40 in Kpagalaye.

    • To date, no epidemiological link has been established between these probable cases and the confirmed cases in Gouecke, where the last case was confirmed before the recent cluster; the community resistance in Kpagalaye during the month of April has made further investigations difficult.
  • 258/293 (88%) contacts are being followed-up.

Cumulatively since the beginning of the outbreak

  • 23 EVD cases reported (16 confirmed and 7 probable).

  • 8 cured cases reported.

  • 12 deaths reported: Case Fatality Rate of 52% (12)

  • A total of 7,619 people vaccinated.