Guinea: Measles Outbreak Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF Operation n° MDRGN006

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A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

Periodic measles outbreaks occur in Guinea with the last outbreak in 2009 which had 4,755 cases with the region of Conakry being most affected. In 2013, there were 215 cases with 54 being confirmed as positive. In cases collected in December 2013 and early January 2014, the outbreak crossed the epidemic threshold in several regions with 143 suspected cases with 38 confirmed positive.

Due to the evolving situation of measles, a multi-agency mission composed of authorities (Division de la Prévention et de la Lutte contre la Maladie, Direction de la Santé de la Ville de Conakry, Direction Communale de la Santé Matoto and UNICEF undertook a visit to the Matoto districts of the Conakry region. The mission’s objective was to assess the extent of cases registered by health facilities. Upon confirmation of the cases and due to the low availability of measles vaccine in Guinea, the following recommendations were made by the National Committee of Emergency Management:

• Accelerate the purchase of vaccines initiated by the department of health;

• Strengthen immunization in districts most affected ;

• Develop a response plan for affected districts;

• Work through the health humanitarian agencies to support the implementation of the response plan;

• Strengthen surveillance in other districts.