Guinea – Floods in Kankan, Operation Update Report, DREF Operation n° MDRGN011


Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

One month after the presidential elections hold on 18 October, the situation in Guinea continue to remain tense. In the aftermath of the election, as even more following the publications of preliminary results on 24 October which gave victory to the current President, Alpha Conde (59.5% of preferences) against his opponent, Cellou Dalein Diallo (33.5% of preferences) demonstrations started in the capital Conakry, as well as in different provinces with social unrest events, violence and vandalism. Heavy repression by law enforcement resulted in a large number of injured and at least 21 deaths, according to official figures.

In this tense environment, the Red Cross Society of Guinea (RCSG) suffered as well from act of vandalism and looting perpetrated by individuals who forcibly entered the National Society (NS)’ offices in Conakry on 21 October. Damages reported on infrastructure and assets were significant, with two vehicles and several motorcycles burned and others damaged. Since 23 October 2020, the NS is experiencing difficulties on telephone and internet networks, as well as accessibility to office for staff and volunteers, the latter due to the attack as well as to the general insecurity in country.
Despite the NS was not deliberately targeted, and did not suffered from other attacks, a joint Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement was made, with the support of the IFRC, to condemn the act.

As per consequence, the NS experienced difficulties in activities implementation, especially those requiring publication of tenders at national level for the procurement of shelter kits, Non Food Items (NFI) as well as hygiene and sanitation materials, which was done on 30 October only. This caused significant delays in the process of procurement as well as the reception, transportation and distribution of kits and various materials.

Therefore, the NS requests, the extension of the operation for 2 additional months, with 28 February 2021 as new end date, to complete all activities as per EPoA. In parallel with the timeframe extension, a request was made to extend the Surge’s contract for an equal period at an additional cost of CHF 14,000, which brings the budget from CHF 254,032 to CHF 268,942.