Guinea – Floods in Kankan, DREF Operation n° MDRGN011 Final Report



Description of the disaster

Heavy rains from 6 to 7 September 2020 affected 26 out of the 27 districts of the urban commune and the 12 sub-prefectures of Kankan, in Guinea. This caused flooding and significant damage to people and their property. Following these floods, the prefectural committee of the Red Cross in Kankan, through its Community Disaster Teams (CDRT), coordinated by members of the National Disaster Response Team (NDRT) deployed 50 volunteers and 5 supervisors to carry out needs’ assessments in these localities with the agreement of the prefectural, sub-prefectural, communal and neighbourhood authorities of those districts.

The assessments identified 9,907 households, representing 49,536 people who were affected by the floods, including:

o 23,248 men o 26,288 women (1,145 pregnant women and 1,238 breastfeeding women)
o 4,371 children aged 0 to 5 years o 135 people with disability
o 946 elderly people.

The needs assessment revealed significant damage to agriculture and livestock:

o 657 houses had been destroyed
o 1,363 people displaced
o 551 water points destroyed
o 744 latrines destroyed

Based on the needs assessment, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), through its Sahel Cluster Delegation, launched a DREF Operation on 16 September 2020 for CHF 254,032 to support the Guinea Red Cross Society (GRC) in meeting the urgent needs of 19,814 people (3,963 households) considered to be the most affected by the floods in Kankan. However, the implementation of the DREF Operation in Kankan was slowed down due to a very tense socio-political and security situation in Guinea due to October 2020 Presidential Elections.

Following the presidential elections of 18 October 2020, the provisional results published on 24 October 2020 declared the incumbent winner. For several days after the publication of these results, protests challenging the decision erupted in the capital Conakry and in various provinces across the country, causing social unrest, escalation of violence and acts of vandalism. According to official figures, 21 deaths and many injuries were recorded.
These post-election events also affected GRCS who was victim of acts of vandalism and looting by individuals who used force to enter the offices of the national headquarters in Conakry. The damage caused was significant. Two vehicles and several motorcycles were burned on the spot and other equipment was stolen. The looting of the National Society seriously affected its functioning and slowed down the implementation of many activities and programmes including the DREF Floods Operation in Kankan. A second allocation of CHF 14,000 was also granted through the Operation Update to allow the extension of the Surge personnel’s contract. This supplementary allocation brought total DREF allocation for this operation to CHF 268,942 for an overall five-month implementation period. Detailed information is available in the DREF Operation Update.