Guinea: Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Situation Report No. 7 (29 April to 12 May 2020)

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Situation Overview and Humanitarian Needs

UNICEF continues to support the government of Guinea’s response to COVID-19. In view of the rapid spread through local transmission, the National Health Security Agency (ANSS) is committed to increasing the number of epidemiological testing and treatment centres in the capital Conakry. Consultations continue with local authorities and other partners on the possibilities of strengthening the response at decentralized level.

In this context, the child protection system in Guinea is being the subject of in-depth discussion between partners with the aim of developing a specific protocol for the care of children in the event of the development of symptoms or community infections.

Even before the detection of the first positive cases of COVID-19 in Conakry's central prison, UNICEF advocated for the release of children in conflict with the law. Steps have now been taken with the collaboration of prison and local authorities for the release of 28 children pending the continuation of the process for the remaining 60 children in the same situation. The released children are placed in the SOS Children's Village which UNICEF’s supports. UNICEF is continuing its advocacy for the release of children from prisons in the countryside and for the continuity of civil registration services in accordance with the United Nations legal Identity Agenda (UNLIA) guidelines. UNICEF has sent a letter of thanks to the Minister of Justice for the good collaboration during this process.

The WASH technical cluster continues its support to the provision of safe drinking water and capacity building in the main functional epidemiological treatment centres in Conakry.

The Distance Learning Initiative, supported by UNICEF, was launched on April 27, 2020 under the leadership of the Ministry of Education. The option of handouts of materials, in remote areas without access to TV/internet/radios, is also being envisaged to better satisfy pupils in the exam classes.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Communication through the General Directorate of the Rural Radios of Guinea, UNICEF is supporting the Synergy of Radios as part of the sensitization of the population on preventive measures against COVID 19.

UNICEF is also actively participating in the updating of the joint response plan of the United Nations system agencies.