Ebola in West Africa: Guinea: Resistance to the Ebola Response, ACAPS Thematic Note – 24 April 2015

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Key Findings

Resistance to the Ebola response

Resistance to the Ebola response has been more widespread and more severe in Guinea, than in Liberia and Sierra Leone, with sometimes violent incidents. This is due to a complex interaction of many factors, including underlying causes and the nature of the response.

Main factors contributing to resistance

  • Previous existing social and political tensions

  • General cultural distrust of strangers and unwillingness to accept them in the community

  • Distrust of authorities, security forces and international actors

  • Exclusion of key groups from the response, such as women and youth

  • Politicisation of the outbreak, by the Government and the opposition

  • Fear and rumours

  • Confusing messages from awareness raising campaigns, especially in the early response, that conflict with local practices and beliefs