Border community security Mano River Union region

from Conciliation Resources
Published on 14 Aug 2013 View Original

This report present key findings from the selected border region locations in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, countries closely linked not only by their common borders and ethnic groups but also by their history and conflicts.

"The participatory and inclusive nature of the research that was undertaken provided a dynamic stimulus to engage in dialogue with policy actors. Most importantly the exchange that this work facilitated between the communities, the civil society organisations and the policy actors was a constructive step in changing attitudes and developing mutual awareness."

Jonathan Cohen, Conciliation Resources' Director of Programmes: quoted in the report's 'Foreword'

Building on work with partner organisations in the region facilitating dialogue between border communities and their governments, the report seeks to identify key challenges in border communities in the Mano River Union, and establish a baseline survey to be used in policy dialogue with relevant national authorities.

The report puts forward three main recommendations to national policymakers:

  • that border security and border communities’ challenges become a priority in the sub-regional agenda for economic and social development and the strengthening of peace;
  • that conflict triggers, once identified, are addressed from local to sub-regional basis;
  • that cross border participation and collaboration at the local and subregional levels increases.