ADF contributes to road network improvement in Guinea

Tunis, 13 July 2005 - The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional window of the African Development Bank (ADB) Group, approved today in Tunis a grant in favour of Guinea of 8.25 million Units of Account* (US$ 12.2 million) to finance Tombo-Gbessia Road Improvement Project.

The project will contribute to improve road infrastructure so as to increase its contribution to GDP and open up access to disadvantaged areas. Its specific objective is to improve traffic fluidity, cut costs and reduce travel time on the Tombo-Gbessia road. The project will also help to improve living conditions for the inhabitants of Conakry. Moreover, the project will reinforce the technical and operational capacity of the National Road Investments Department (NRID) and the National Department of Debt and Public Investment (NDDPI).

The project has three components, namely:

  • Construction, control and supervision of the Tombo-Gbessia Highway improvement, the Kenien-Bonfi feeder road leading off the main road, environmental protection works as well as water supply projects (creation of 8 safe water points in Madina and Bonfi markets);and construction of the Yimbaya bus station as well as environmental protection activities;

  • Institutional Support

  • Project Management.

The Tombo-Gbessia Highway constitutes the backbone of the urban road network in Conakry. The project will reduce transport expenses by about 10% for households in Conakry. It will also raise the profitability of public transport which could bring down transport fares. New jobs will be created during the construction phase for youths and manual workers.

Women will also benefit from this project through the transport facilities that will ease their chores, increase their incomes, and raise household living standards. Drainage works on the main road, feeder road and related market infrastructure will improve the hygiene and health status of the main users of these markets who are women and children. Furthermore, the construction of the new Yimbaya bus station will enhance user comfort and provide extra facilities. The operation of such facilities will generate about 175 new jobs (guard service, building maintenance, etc...), with 150 of them held by women. Lastly, the reduction in transport fares will boost commercial activities in the PA and bolster the burgeoning informal economy that is dominated by women. The living conditions of the people will also be improved through the awareness-raising campaigns to be conducted in markets, schools, health centres and other places.

The Bank Group's operations in Guinea started in 1974. To date, the Group has committed a total of US $ 655 million on 64 operations in the country.

Project Information Sheet

- Sources of financing: ADF; AFD; ABEDA; KDF; SDF; OPEC & Government

- Estimated start-up date and duration: March 2006; 42 months

- Executing Agency: Ministry of Public Works, through the National Road Investments Department, P.O. Box 581 Conakry (Guinea), Tel. (224) 45 45 31, Fax : (224) 43 02 88

- Procurement of Goods and Services: Goods, works and services will be procured in accordance with ADF Rules of Procedure

1UA = US $ 1.456613 as at 01 /07/05

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