WFP Guinea-Bissau Country Brief, October 2019

Situation Report
Originally published


In Numbers

431 mt of food assistance distributed

USD 0 of cash-based transfers made

US 6.3 m six months (November 2019-April 2020) net funding requirement

177,435 people assisted in September and October 2019

Operational Updates

• In October, WFP signed a Letter of Understanding (LoU) for the Country Strategic Plan (CSP) with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The LoU sets the principles of the partnership between WFP and the Government of Guinea-Bissau for the implementation of the CSP 2019-2024.

• In October, the parliament approved the four-year Government Programme, which includes two important areas of WFP support: “expand the school feeding to all public schools for 1st to 9th grades” and “promote exclusive breastfeeding, encourage healthy eating habits and combat malnutrition and obesity”.

• On 25 and 26 October, supporting the Ministry of Health, WFP organized the second free-of-charge nutrition counselling in all 38 sectors of the country. WFP mobilized support from 28 partners, including ministries, national and international NGOs, the private sector, and the UN agencies. Nutrition counselling informed participants of their nutritional status and the consequences of wrong eating habits. They were given nutritional advice on diet to prevent diseases from unbalanced nutrition. A total of 4,674 people participated in this initiative across the country. Out of the total, 3,179 people were over the age of 15 (2,132 women and 1,047 men). From those under the age of 15, 767 were girls and 728 were boys. Details of the results will be shared during the commemoration of the National Nutrition Day.

• The 2019/2020 school year started on 16 September. WFP distributed 411 mt of food to 874 schools and reached 173,913 school children in eight regions with daily hot and varied meals in September and October.

• WFP continued the distribution of 4.6 mt of specialised nutritious foods reaching 746 children aged 6-59 months under treatment for acute malnutrition in 42 nutritional recovery centres in Oio, Bafatá, and Gabu.

• In September WFP, started its stunting prevention programme targeting 5,108 children aged 6-23 months in in Oio, Bafatá, and Gabu. As of the end of October 2,776 children were reached by food distributions.