WFP Guinea-Bissau Country Brief, May 2019

Situation Report
Originally published


In Numbers

  • 547 mt of food assistance distributed

  • USD 0 cash-based transfers made

  • USD 5.48 m six months (June-November 2019) net funding requirements, representing 46% of total - 192,736 people assisted in May 2019

Operational Updates

• WFP distribution of the nutritious food supplement Super Cereal Plus resumed in May. This activity benefits 935 children age 6 to 59 months under treatment for moderate acute malnutrition in 35 nutritional recovery centres in Bafata, Gabu and Oio regions.

• Locally purchased food reached schools in 214 communities, improving nutrition and diversifying meals of 56,059 children.

• In preparation for resilience activities, WFP conducted field visits to 53 communities of Bafata, Gabu and Oio regions. WFP observed levels of vulnerability among women and men heads of household, income sources, family size, and proportion of children, elderly or disabled family members. The observations improved WFP’s understanding of family priorities and will support the design of sustainable interventions addressing their needs. WFP also met with NGO partners to share planning for resilience-related activities and review a model template specifying core information to be provided with project proposals.

• On 20 May, the President of Guinea-Bissau promulgated the school feeding law that was approved by the Council of Ministers in January. The law guarantees annual budget allocations by the Government of Guinea-Bissau for school feeding activities, and links local agricultural production to the supply of food for school canteens.

• WFP distributed art materials to help 16,000 schoolchildren engage in the 2019 WFP Children’s Design Competition. Four local artists provided on-site support in visual arts and freehand techniques to 350 schoolchildren who had demonstrated talent through designs shared in the first phase of the competition.
Five drawings from Biombo, Cacheu, and Bolama regions were selected for entrance into the global competition.