WFP Guinea-Bissau Country Brief, April 2019

Situation Report
Originally published


In Numbers

  • 546.59 mt of food assistance distributed
  • USD 15,799 cash-based transfers made
  • USD 5.2 m six months (May-October 2019) net funding requirements, representing 44% of total
  • 192,794 people assisted in April 2019

Operational Updates

• From 3 to 29 April NGO partner Tiniguena conducted training for women’s empowerment to support 650 women from 13 rural communities in Cacheu region to strengthen their capacity for individual and group advocacy on decision-making and peacebuilding. The initiative is managed by WFP under a project made possible by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund.

• On 6 and 7 April NGO partner KAFO organized WFPsupported and Government of Guinea-Bissau funded nutrition capacity strengthening for 23 smallholder farmers (15 women and 8 men) from 20 communities in Oio region. Smallholders who participated will share knowledge gained with their home communities.

• Field visits undertaken in Bafata, Oio and Gabu regions identified inland valley swamps – known locally as bolanhas – and dykes and channels requiring rehabilitation for renewed agricultural production. WFP evaluated six partner organizations to provide capacity strengthening assistance to smallholder farmers in the three regions. The evaluation considered alignment with WFP strategies and quality of reporting and accounting systems, organizational structures, and logistics capabilities.

• Following severe flooding from Cyclone Idai, WFP Mozambique launched an urgent call for Portuguesespeakers to support emergency scale-up of supply chain capacities. WFP Guinea-Bissau Supply Chain Associate Tcherno Seidi joined the first wave and remained in Mozambique for six weeks to support the emergency response to Cyclone Idai and Cyclone Kenneth that followed in late April. Experience gained and subsequently shared with colleagues strengthens preparedness for crisis response activities included as contingency measures under the WFP Guinea-Bissau Country Strategic Plan 2019-2024 planned to launch in July