Note to Correspondents: Statement of the PBC Guinea Bissau Configuration on the situation in Guinea-Bissau

New York - 16 February 2017 --The PBC Guinea-Bissau Configuration met on 15 February 2017, to discuss the situation in Guinea Bissau and exchanged views on the on-going political crisis.

The PBC remains concerned that it is the people of Guinea-Bissau who are suffering the negative impacts of the political instability due to lack of basic public services, particularly in the health and education sector, and the overall socio-economic situation of the country.

The PBC reiterates its backing to the various efforts made by international and regional stakeholders, towards assisting the Bissau-Guinean parties to end the political stalemate in order to regain the momentum for the implementation of their programme of national development “Terra Ranka”. The PBC welcomes the continuing support of international partners to development programmes in Guinea Bissau.

The PBC expresses strong support to the timely mediation efforts by ECOWAS. The PBC believes that the Bissau six point road map and the Conakry agreement which resulted from this mediation effort provided the framework for the way forward.

The PBC is deeply committed to supporting the successful implementation of the instruments in order to ensure that all Bissau-Guineans enjoy the fruits of stability and development. The PBC calls upon the authorities of Guinea-Bissau and key political actors to engage in a constructive and inclusive dialogue, for the swift and effective implementations of the consensual agreements reached in the ECOWAS led mediation process.

The PBC recognizes the important role played by ECOMIB and supports its continuing presence as outlined in the six point road map of 10 September 2016.

The PBC commends SRSG Modibo Touré for using his good offices in support of all efforts to ensure an enabling political environment and expresses its support for measures to enhance UNIOGBIS political focus. Recognizing the key role played by UNIOGBIS, the PBC unanimously supports its continuing presence in Guinea Bissau.

The PBC joins its voice to that of ECOWAS, CPLP, the African Union, the EU and the United Nations in noting that the solution to the crisis lays on the Bissau-Guineans, in particular on the political actors, who are responsible for meeting the aspirations of their people. The PBC also advocates to maintaining efforts to keeping up international support and reinforcing unity of the international community.