Humanitarian Situation Report Guinea Bissau, 23 October 1998

Situation Report
Originally published
REG. NO. 98/0304
Unless otherwise specified, all information contained in this report has been collected in -country by OCHA from the UN, NGOs & ICRC network in Guinea Bissau

Politico-Military Situation

As of this morning, Fulacunda is now under junta control.

Bissau was reported relatively calm this morning (as of 11:00 a.m.). Military junta radio "Balumbo" reported that the commander of the military junta, Ansoumane Mane, agreed to a cease-fire for the next 48 hours, asking President Vieira to clarify his plans to stop the hostilities.

Gabu and Bafata were confirmed calm by WFP also at 11:00 a.m.

Confirmation received on yesterday report that:

1) Gabu is under junta control;

2) the soldiers from Guinea Conakry have retreated to their country.

Senegalese newspaper "Sud Quotidien" informs that Dakar is sending 1,000 additional troops to Bissau.

Humanitarian Impact

There is continued concern over the status of UN staff in Bissau (see yesterday s report).

The estimated 75,000 people stranded in Prabis are reported to be without sufficient food. Signs of hunger are reported.

Humanitarian Response

WFP plans to redeploy staff to Bafata on Monday and in this regard, clearance from NY is being sought. With their return, immediate measures will be taken to truck 300 MTs of food to Prabis. In case of difficulties, the Bubaque-Prabis option will be considered by piroque.

UN/NGO Bubaque Mission based on yesterday s mission, WFP confirms that both logistics and communications conditions exist in order to preposition and distribute the 100 MTs forseen for Bubaque (see previous updates). Currently, it is estimated that as many as 12-13,000 IDPs are resident in the Bijagos Archipelago. At present, there is movement of IDPs out of Bubaque to the other islands due to the fear that at some point Bubaque could become a military target.

An Inter-Agency Consolidated Appeal preparation meeting took place this afternoon and participants agreed on a new schedule for the sector-based UN/NGO approach to defining current and emerging humanitarian needs, with sector meetings scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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