Guinea Bissau: Storm Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF n° MDRGW003 Operation update 2; 31 October 2018

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Summary of major revisions made to the emergency plan of action:

Through this operations update, Guinea Bissau Red Cross Society (CRGB) is seeking a one-month no cost extension to this operation, with a new end date of 9 December 2018, in order to complete the implementation of activities and ensure appropriate monitoring and evaluation of results. In particular, the one-month extension will allow CRGB to finalize the implementation of cash distribution activities to beneficiaries as well as certain initiatives under the Wash component. The delay is due to the fact that Cash is a new implementation modality for the CRGB, therefore it has been taking longer to train the team adequately, select the service providers as well as establish cash SOPs. The one month extension will allow the operation to complete all activities as indicated in the plan of action.

Number of people to be reached and locations have been slightly revised in response to data collected during the detailed targeting and registration of beneficiaries that took place in early August 2018.The number of people per HH were found to be higher than initially reported, therefore 3374 people are being targeted instead of 2,485 in 303 households instead of 355. No changes are being made to the budget since the operation is not carrying out extra activities and there is available budget remaining thanks to close monitoring.