Guinea Bissau: OCHA Cholera Update - Week 46

Situation Report
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Situation Update

1. For the first time since the beginning of the crisis, there has been no death registered during the week 46. According to WHO it appears that the epidemic in under control.

2. As of Wednesday 19th of November, 19 cases have been reported since the legislatives elections that took place on Sunday 16 - the election process involved a large gathering of people and there were some concerns that this could trigger a resurgence of the cholera epidemic.

3. As of November 17, 14'004 cases have been recorded, with 221 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic. The number of cases continues to decrease for the last six consecutive weeks since the start of the epidemic in May.

4. To maintain this trend, the technical committee in Bissau, recommended a strengthening of the social mobilization activities in all region. An inventory of drugs and equipment still available is ongoing in all the regions. All remaining cholera materials and equipment will be stored in the Central Medical Store (CECOME) for future use if needed. MSF Spain is supporting the rehabilitation of one warehouse.

5. Efforts are still ongoing by the international community to stop the epidemic. UNICEF is planning the implementation of school-based prevention of cholera in 15 schools in the region of Biombo (one of the most affected region). Schools are currently closed (till 23rd of November) due to the legislatives elections that took place on Sunday 16 November.


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