GIEWS Country Brief: Guinea-Bissau 06-May-2020



  • Timely start of 2020 cropping season

  • Above‑average cereal production harvested in 2019

  • Increasing cereal import requirements in 2019/20 marketing year (November/October)

  • Food assistance needed for vulnerable households

Timely start of th 2020 cropping season

Following a timely onset of the seasonal rains in late April, planting operations for maize, millet and sorghum are ongoing and the harvests are expected to start in September 2020. Since the start of the season, adequate rainfall amounts supported soil moisture content for crop development. In most areas, crops are at sprouting and seedling stages, and weeding activities are regularly underway. Planting of rice, the major cereal crop produced in the country, is expected to start in June.

In late April 2020, the Forum of the Agro‑Hydro‑Climatic Seasonal Forecast in Sudano‑Sahelian Africa (PRESASS) released its forecast for the whole rainy season (June/October) across the Sahel and Soudanian zones. The forecast points to above‑average rainfall amounts which will continue until October. If this forecast materializes, it will contribute to favourable agricultural production and availability of pasture and water as well as good pastoral conditions.

The conditions of natural pasture coverage are satisfactory and rains are benefiting the development of newly germinated pasture. Due to the abundance and diversification of biomass, the animal body condition is satisfactory. The health situation remains overall good and stable.