WFP Guatemala Country Brief, June 2022


In Numbers

USD 600,445 cash-based transfers made

USD 14.1 m six months (July – December 2022) net funding requirements, representing 43% of total

28,025 people assisted* in June 2022

*Preliminary figures

Operational Updates

  • To assist populations unable to recover from past crisis, WFP carried out participatory planning sessions to design early recovery activities. As part of its immediate response to those affected by the lean season and recent flooding, WFP delivered cash-based transfers (CBT), to 8,000 beneficiaries (50 percent women and girls) in three departments.

  • WFP trained 3,000 beneficiaries and government workers on healthy nutrition practices and governance in food security and nutrition across six departments.

  • In support of the Government’s social and behavioural change communication strategy,
    WFP conducted a nutrition fair with national and international organizations in Huehuetenango.
    To support the national communication strategy, WFP and UNICEF, trained staff from the Commissions for Food Security and Nutrition at the department and municipal levels on how to produce radio vignettes and donated recording equipment and megaphones.
    Furthermore, WFP trained 100 employees from the Ministry of Health on the use of Super Cereal Plus and supplied tools to obtain anthropometric measurements.

  • As part of the Joint Programme linking family farming to the school feeding programme with the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the Food and Agriculture Organization, 89 students, school staff and parents’ associations took part in nine workshops on nutrition and school gardens management.

  • WFP will implement a new multi-year project (2022-2026) to contribute to strengthening adaptive capacity to climate change and enhancing livelihoods resilience for sustainable rural development in Quiché.

  • Under resilience activities, WFP trained 5,000 beneficiaries in five departments on income diversification, savings and credit, and gender. To complement the internship programme targeting young Guatemalans, WFP trained 80 youth beneficiaries on gender and nutrition.