WFP Guatemala Country Brief, June 2021

Situation Report
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In Numbers

USD 45,262,55 in cash transfers January-June 2021

USD 6.9 million six-month net funding requirements

142,017 people assisted (cash transfers) January-June 2021

Operational Updates

  • WFP has upscaled its emergency response operation to 2 new departments, currently covering 7 departments of the country, and reaching over 76,000 people.

  • As part of a nutrition programme in Sololá, the first round of savings for the savings and loans groups ended with a membership of over 690 women. To the date, these groups have saved up to USD 1,700.

  • In June, WFP and the Ministry of Education started the delivery of school-kitchen items aimed to support 500 schools countrywide. Delivery to schools will continue until August and will support the preparation of school-meals for over 91,000 children.

  • Together with the Secretary of Social Welfare, WFP is working on a pilot resilience building project to support 50 youth in conflict with criminal law participating in a reintegration programme to return to their communities. In June, the capacity strengthening phase of the project finished with an analysis of the seasonal livelihood programming exercise.

  • On Jun 22nd, WFP and New Sun Road launched a project for the creation of a technological centre in Tucurú, Alta Verapaz. This project will empower women through digital literacy.

  • On June 18th, WFP launched a micro-insurance product that will cover over 1,300 smallholders in the Dry Corridor of Guatemala, of which 69 percent are women.

  • On June 3rd, WFP and the Ministry of Environment signed a cooperation agreement that will catalyse opportunities for joint work on climate change adaptation.

  • In June, WFP wrapped up the COVID-19 procurement and transport operation for the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Social Development, this operation amounted to a total of USD 90 million.