Situation Report no. 2, Volcano Eruption in Guatemala, HOPE worldwide (5 Jun 2018)

Fuego Volcano Erupted again, causing more Evacuation

The Fuego Volcano, located about 25 miles Southwest of Guatemala City, erupted on June 3rd, 2018. On June 4th, the Volcano erupted again, sending pyroclastic flow and caused more evacuations of already strained community.

At least 69 people have been confirmed killed and hundreds injured. Rescue Efforts continue in the immediate area.

La Aurora airport in Guatemala City was closed due to ash in the hours after the eruption but has now re-opened.

Several emergency shelters have been opened in Escuintla. Local HOPE worldwide volunteers and staff delivered medicines and emergency prepositioned supplies from the HOPE worldwide Guatemala City Clinic to Escuintla the evening of June 4 and plan to provide additional medications and supplies in the coming days. HOPE worldwide has also provided emergency financial relief. However, the latest situation forces the local team to re-assess the approach as Escuintla community need to evacuate to a safer ground.

Local leaders have informed that no HOPE worldwide volunteers or local church supporters are injured. Tragically, students from the San Miguel Los Lotes school that HOPE worldwide supports near the Volcano of Fire have been reported killed. Several students and families of the school are reported missing and are feared dead.

HOPE worldwide just received the good news that 11 of the students have been found alive. Volcanic Eruptions can be unpredictable as far as severity and length of time. HOPE worldwide is mobilizing resources to best help the communities in Guatemala. For several years, we have been providing health services to the communities in Guatemala. For the last two years HOPE worldwide has been directly supporting the HOPE School in.

Please pray for the situation.

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