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Seismic Activity in Santa Rosa - Tropical Depression 12-E. Situation Report #3, October 13, 2011

Situation Report
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This report covers the period between 10 and 13 October

I. Highlights/Key Priorities

  • In the early hours of 12 October, the Committee for Disaster Reduction (CONRED) issued an Institutional Red Alert throughout the whole country in regard towards Tropical Depression 12-E

  • As of today, TD 12-E has affected 14,000 individuals in 16 departments. More than 2,106 persons took refuge in 23 shelters and there have been 15 deaths.

  • TD 12-E has caused damaged to 3,000 houses, affected 51 highways (2 destroyed), damaged 8 bridges (4 destroyed) and affected 4 schools.

  • The departments of Escuintla, Santa Rosa, and Retalhuleu have been the most affected by TD 12-E.

  • Communities in the department of Peten have reported damage to the new maize harvest by TD 12-E. This will increase the food insecurity of the communities affected and may have an effect on maize prices.

  • A relentless pattern of tropical downpours will raise the risk of life-threatening conditions from much of Guatemala in coming days.