Rains of the season affect more than 630 thousand people

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Landslides, landslides, mudflows, floods, subsidence, structural collapses, falling trees, among others, have been some of the events recorded during the 2021 Rainy Season, incidents that have affected 631,730 people in Guatemala.

The National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction -CONRED-, a body that seeks to ensure the coordination of actions for disaster risk reduction, has worked jointly with entities that make up the CONRED System in the attention of the 316 incidents reported in the rainy season.

As a result of the aforementioned events, 278 people have been notified at risk, 1,691 affected, 5,546 evacuated, 9,196 treated, 343 sheltered, 1 missing, 2 injured and 7 deceased, the latter occurred in the departments of Chimaltenango , Quetzaltenango, Sololá, Guatemala and Quiché.

Among the actions carried out during the current season, it is worth mentioning the Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis -EDAN-, a tool used to guarantee the effective and efficient care of those affected and affected by rains. Through the EDAN, the following damage to homes is known nationwide: 55 at risk, 566 with slight damage, 1,49 with moderate damage, and 76 with severe damage.

Due to the saturation of soils and the forecast of scattered short-term rains accompanied by electrical activity for the afternoon and night of Monday, July 19, the Executive Secretariat of CONRED recommends that the general population be prepared in the event of a landslide. of land, having at hand the 72 Hour Backpack, which they can make with the following products: keys, first aid kit, food, flashlight, clothing, personal hygiene items, important documents, pure water, telephone directory and Toolbox.